We offer two types of insurance plan:

1. Standard Insurance with Collision Damage Waiver C.D.W.

• In case of accident at the responsibility of the customer you are asked to pay up to

  • - €500 + state tax for categories B and C

  • - €650 + state tax for categories D and E

  • - €800 + state tax for categories F and G

  • - €1200 + state tax for category G1

C.D.W. Insurance is included in the rental price of the vehicle.

The insurance company is not required to cover the expenses if:

  • - The client is held personally responsible for theft and fire

  • - Personal effects of the client were stolen or damaged


2. Full insurance F.D.W. Full Damage Waiver

Full Damage Waiver covers all damage to the vehicle. Paid daily, its price depends on the vehicle’s category and the length of rent. In high season (summer) Full Damage Waiver is recommended!

F.D.W. insurance covers ↓

  • - car body

  • - wheels

  • - windows

  • - underbody

As you can see, all external parts of the vehicle are fully insured. Not all companies are willing to provide a truly comprehensive insurance plan.

The insurance is deemed void if:

  • - The driver was under the influence of alcohol or drugs

  • - The driver was driving on roads that were unpaved or without proper street signs

  • - The driver was reckless and/or careless

  • - The vehicle was operated by a third party not mentioned in the lease.

The insurance is deemed valid if, in case of vehicle damage or road accident, you promptly got in touch with us. Your prompt response would allow us to quickly contact the traffic police to file the necessary documents for the insurance company. If no action is taken, you’d be required to pay for the damage to the vehicle.


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