Citroen C3

Class C / Medium
from € 21 / day
Citroen C3 1
Citroen C3 2
Passengers: 5
Doors: 5
Small baggages: 2
Large baggages: 2
Gearbox: Manual

Model features

  • Passengers: 5
  • Doors: 5
  • Small baggages: 2
  • Large baggages: 2
  • Gearbox: Manual
  • Air-condition
  • ABS
  • Airbag
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Radio/CD

Our prices include

  • All taxes & VAT 24%
    Our prices include all taxes and VAT. No hidden costs
  • Roadside assistance
    Free roadside assistance
  • Insurance (C.D.W. & Theft & Fire)
    Our prices include basic insurance (C.D.W.) plus theft and fire insurance
  • Unlimited Kilometers
    Unlimited KIlometers per day. No extra charges.

Terms and conditions


Read the general terms and conditions

All reservations are checked and then you receive a confirmation mail if the driver’s details meet the rental requirements and the vehicle is available. All reservations are based on a vehicle group and not a certain car model. In case of no availability for a confirmed reservation, Grekostar reserves the right to offer a vehicle of bigger category to the customer with no extra charge.

Driver’s Age:
Minimum age for all rentals is 23 years old and maximum is 70 years old.

Driving License:
The driving license must be issued three years before car pickup date.
National Driving Licenses issued in EU, UK, RUS and the other European countries are accepted.
Citizens of all other countries are required to have a valid international Driver’s’ License along with their regular Drivers’ License.
The Driver is required to display the Driving License before the pickup of the car.

Payment Options:

Payment on pickup of the car in cash or credit card

Booking Length and Minimum Rental Charge:
The minimum booking length is one day.
If the renter wishes to keep the rental vehicle more from the agreed period, the renter must contact with us in order to change the rental contract and also to be informed for the extra charges that may apply.

Grekostar  reserves the right to refuse to extend the lease.

If the renter returns the vehicle later from the agreed time there will apply extra charges

Fuel Policy:
The renter has to return the vehicle with the same level of fuel as delivered.
If the renter returns the vehicle with less level of fuel, that was delivered, the renter will be charged the fuel difference.
There is no refund if the renter returns the vehicle with more level of fuel that was delivered.

24hrs Road Assistance:
All our vehicles are covered by 24hrs road assistance.

Unlimited mileage is included in our rates.

Baby, Child, and Booster Seats:
We offer the first child seat for free. You can request more than one seat for an extra charge.

Additional Drivers:
One additional driver is free of charge.
If you require more than one additional driver the extra cost is 3€/day per driver.
The additional driver must accept the same terms & conditions as the main driver.

VAT & Taxes:
Our rates are final and include VAT and all taxes. No hidden costs.

After Hours Delivery & Collection of Vehicles:
We can deliver and collect the rental vehicle even outside working hours (22:00 – 08:00).
The extra cost for this service is 20,00€ per delivery or collection.

Traffic violations, traffic fines, and Administrative Sanctions:
The renter is liable for the payment of all traffic fines and appended administrative sanctions that may result from any violation of the Greek Traffic Law during the rental period.

Booking Cancellation:
Free Cancellation policy – No time limit – Please inform us as soon as possible in case of a cancellation.

Booking Modification:
No time limit – Depence on availability

Across the Border Rental:

 Renters are not allowed to take the car outside the Greek borders.

Pets – Animals:
Pets are allowed in cars, but must be transported in special carrying cases or with the use of special covers. Otherwise you will be charged for the biological cleaning of the vehicle interior.

Vehicle Cleaning:
Your vehicle is delivered clean both externally and internally. When returning the vehicle, the exterior must be in a condition that can be inspected for possible damage. Regarding the interior, in case there are significant stains in the cabin of the vehicle (which do not go away with the simple cleaning) then you will be charged for the biological cleaning of the cabin of the vehicle.

Road Accident:
In case of a road accident, you have to inform our company immediately and also the police. The police will record the accident, and you have to get a copy of the police report.
Without a police report, the renter takes full responsibility.


Third Party Insurance:
Includes in the rental cost.
The renter’s liability covered for material damages, for death and for bodily injuries to third parties.

Personal Accident Insurance:
Includes in the rental cost.
This insurance covers the driver and the passengers in case of an accident.

Fire Insurance:
Includes in the rental cost.

Theft insurance:
Theft insurance is included in the rental cost and with this insurance, you are fully covered in case of theft. This insurance doesn’t cover if the theft occurred because of negligence (e.g. keys left either in the ignition or inside the vehicle). This insurance also doesn’t cover theft of personal belongings.

Collision Damage Waiver C.D.W.:
Includes in the rental cost.
With this insurance in case of damage the renter’s liability limits to an excess amount.

The excess amounts are:

  • 500 euro + VAT for Classes Β andB1
  • 600 euro + VAT for Classes C, C1 and C2
  • 700 euro + VAT for Classes D, D1, D2, E, E1, E2, F, F1, F2, F3 and G
  • 1000 euro + VAT for Classes G1, G2, G3 and G4
  • For Classes S, S1 and LX apply special condition on each rental.

Guarantee Amount for Collision Damage Waiver C.D.W.:

In case you choose C.D.W. you will need to pay a guarantee. The exact amount of the guarantee depends on the class of the vehicle as well as on the days and the rental period. We will inform you about the exact amount in the e-mail confirming your reservation. The guarantee can be paid in cash or by credit card. With the return of the vehicle, the guarantee is returned.

Full Damage Waiver F.D.W.:
With this optional insurance, you are 100% covered for any damages.
In case of damage, the renter must immediately inform the company and in case of an accident (with another vehicle) he must immediately inform the company AND the police and get a copy of the police report.
Otherwise the F.D.W. is not valid and the renter is charged for the damage as in the case of C.D.W.

This insurance does not cover damages to wheels, tires and to the underbody of the car.

Wheels & Underbody Insurance:

With this insurance you have 100% coverage on damages that will be caused at the renter’s responsibility on tires, wheels and the underboby of the vehicle. It is charged extra depending on the vehicle class, the days and the rental period.

What is not covered by any insurance:

  • Damages due to traffic law violation.
  • Damages due to inappropriate driving or negligence.
  • Damages that caused because the driver was driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Damages caused by an unauthorized driver.
  • Damages in the interior of the car.
  • Loss or Damage or Theft of Keys.
  • Loss or Damage of the vehicle’s child seats, jack, safety triangle, spare wheel, petrol cap.
  • Damage to the engine through negligence.
  • Damage to the engine by wrong fuel.
  • Damages that caused because the vehicle was used off-road or in not appropriate roads.
  • Damages that caused after the agreed return time.
  • Damages that caused willfully or recklessly by the renter e.g. (burning out the clutch, burning out the tires, sitting or standing on the bonnet, or the roof or the boot lid of the vehicle.
  • Damage caused by accident and our company and police not notified at the time of the accident
  • Damages caused during the commission of criminal acts.
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