Loutra Pozar Trip

Edessa - The hot springs Loutra Pozar (Aridaia)
Edessa, known as city of waters, holds a special place in the history of the Greek world. The beautiful city is about 90 km away from Thessaloniki. Visiting the city would be a nice experience to anyone who wishes to see Greece's largest waterfalls and enjoy the beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes.
The waterfalls of Edessa are among the world natural heritage sites with one certain feature that makes them unique. In time they shifted forward thus gradually creating new caves while the majority of the waterfalls worldwide because of the erosion at a certain degree they shift backwards. They have a little more than 70m height, being at the edge of the rock. The continuous water motion has "sculptured" the stone thus creating a unique geologically formed water system.
The tourists can visit the waterfall cave and actually see how a compact rock is eventually created by the power of water. Back in the city, the main water stream that passes through the center has been divided into many smaller channels thus creating beautiful impressions to most of the visitors. The waterfall area is accessible by stairs that eventually lead to different points of view, while giving us the opportunity to go directly below the Waterfalls. All around the waterfall area you will easily spot some friendly coffee shops and traditional restaurants.
Baths in the Loutra Pozar are a summer and winter destination for all who want to combine the respite from everyday life and the healing properties of thermal springs. The hot springs of Pozar located at the natural spring of hot water among huge trees with a stream that descends into the gorge creating a hard sound of water and steam in the air.
Pozar hot springs are at an altitude of 390 meters and are created by rain water, which penetrates deep into the ground, where is heated and then gradually rises higher and gets enriched with minerals and other elements. The water has a constant temperature of 37 °C and has healing properties against rheumatoid arthritis, arthritis, kidney diseases, skin diseases, gynecological problems and diseases of the circulatory system.
In Loutra Pozar thermal springs you can enjoy the water by specially formed swimming pools or in one of the baths. The large outdoor pool is ideal for diving during both winter and summer. Geothermal energy creates an enjoyable atmosphere for lovers of steam therapy.
Staying in Loutra Pozar can be unforgettable as the area has a multitude of alternative tourism activities, such as ski at the Kaikamtsalan center, chiropractors massage, hiking in the forest area and etc. The resort facilities are a small spa with hotels, restaurants, swimming pools and locker rooms, offering guests high quality service.
Loutra Pozar is a destination for those who want to combine nature, relaxation and the benefits of hydrotherapy. It is no coincidence that more and more people embrace the belief that 10 baths per year give strength to the body.
Duration: Full day (about 8-9 hours).
Inclusions: Transportation, Professional guide.
Exclusions: Entrance fees, food and drinks. Price: on request

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